The Zero Waste movement

The Zero Waste movement

Have you heard about the zero waste movement? As people are getting more aware of climate change, this movement is rapidly growing.

Zero waste is, as the name suggests, all about not producing waste. The goal is to produce as little waste or trash as possible. For many, this seems excessive. As most things you buy at the store is wrapped in some kind of packaging, how can you live without producing trash? This is what the movement is trying to tackle!

At the center of this movement is a special kind of store. These stores sells things like flour, nuts, seeds, fruits and veg, but without the packaging. A lot of them is based on that you take containers with you from home so you can just fill them up with just as much as you need and pay by weight.

Another thing you can do is to compost your food waste. When you eat plant based, you can easily compost almost everything, meaning no food waste! This greatly reduces the amount of waste you produce as we tend to throw out a lot of food. Planning your meals and using everything of the food you buy are other ways to minimize this part of your trash.

In addition to this, there are tons of alternatives to disposable products like cotton pads, plastic bags, coffee cups etc. Check out the “zero waste”-tag for more posts on this topic!

And hey – you don’t have to go completely zero waste. A little helps a lot!

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