Vegan vs Vegetarian: The differences

Vegan vs Vegetarian: The differences


There can be some confusion about the differences between being a vegan or a vegetarian, so here is some differences listed to help you out!


  • Vegans don’t eat or drink anything that comes from an animal. This applies meat, dairy, eggs, honey, fish, gelatin, poultry and other animal substances.
  • Vegans also avoids everything in householding that also contains anything that is made from animals, or with animal ingredients.


  • Vegetarians don’t eat meat, seafood or poultry, but some vegetarians do eat eggs they are called Ovo-vegetarian, and some exclude eggs.
  • Some people are called Lacto-vegetarian, that means that they are eating dairy products.
  • Vegetarians uses fur, leather or wool in their items, and this is something that vegans won’t do.

Want to learn more about the differences? Here are some informative links listed for you.

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