Famous vegans

Famous vegans

Vegans have respect for life, and did you know that veganism is protected under the human rights? Yes, it is, and that is amazing! It is protected under Article 9 of the European convention according to The Vegan Society.

There is a lot of vegans out there, and many of them are famous, did you know that? Kat Von D, Benedict Cumberbatch, Madonna and Miley Cyrus are some to mention a few. Benedict Cumberbatch was awarded with PETA’s most beautiful vegan in 2018, so there you go, veganism is not something weird or strange diet, it is real, and you can do it to.

Jared Leto
Ariana Grande
Joaquin Phoenix
Jennifer Lopez
Tobey Maguire
Emily Deschanel
Kate Moss
Alica Silverstone and many many more.


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